Snostrebla – A Shaman Am I (mostly)

by (of course) Snostrebla

Now a more in-depth introduction of myself, and my Character(s)

I am currently playing two toons on a regular basis. 

One a level 70 Shaman, and one a (currently) level 58 Paladin.



Snostrebla = Shaman

Snos on a bug mount


Snostrebla was my very first toon.  I started this guy in Mulgore with two friends, and evening of pizza, and no idea what an MMORPG was all about.  Ran briefly with one guild, then started one with my friends.  After that one fizzled out due to overcasualness and no solid goals, We reformed and partially merged with another guild and formed Incursion.

I started him on 6/30/07, so I have a little over a year of playing under my belt, and am approaching a year of raiding.   I’ve raided through T4 in all three specs, and in T6 in Resto, and Elemental.  As a Guild Master, I’ve also taken part in being the Healing Lead,  Raid Lead, Site Admin, Recruiter, Bank Admin, and even functioned in a Shaman Class Lead position all rolled into this nifty title.   Needless to say, I have a good amount of experience.  I regret that I wasn’t in the game sooner to raid the PreBC content, but all the same, I am at least glad I am here now.


Right now, I am just kickin’ it.  With the expansion and patch looming, raiding has died down significantly (if not entirely), and I find myself with little to do.  I outgear my current content, and have little-to-no options on improving it (without raiding), so I spend a majority of the time on him doing dailies,  and grabbing up ore’s for Tigraine.  I also participate in the occasional instance run, or whatever else the guild needs.  I am also stockpiling enchanting mats for making that push into Wrath.


For Wrath, I haven’t decided on what to level as (since my gearing for all three specs is about equal).  I like the idea of being an instance rat, so healing seems like a good choice, but I also really want to quest, and learn the zones, so I might pick Elemental.  I will keep my professions the same, and level them up as I level.  When I reach 80, hopefully Enchanting/Mining/Cooking/Fishing/First Aide will all be at a nice 450.

As far as raiding is concerned I will likely make a game time decision.  I haven’t decided which Toon I will be maining, but if I end up maining Snos, I will likely end up healing.  While I love DPS, and am fairly decent at DPS, I am of more use as a Healer, because no matter how many fat stacks of damage I dish out, I am an infintitely better healer.



Tigraine = Paladin

(picture to come)


Tigraine is my Tank-Project.   I intially started this Character somewhat whimsically.  I grew up on a PvP server (and am still on one), and have suffered from severe lack of tankage, so I always knew I wanted to roll a tank.  The Paladin class speaks to me, much like the shaman class, for having that toughness, as well as the ability to heal.  I was eventually coaxed into rolling this Toon during the collapse of the initial guild, as a place to hide, and a place to just relax and play, and not worry about bickering, or diverging goals.

So far I’ve leveled her protection entirely, and have spent as much time PuGing instances as possible.  I’ve put great effort into learning my class mechanics, as well as the group dynamic from a tank perspective.  I’ve also been rockin’ with a +heal/+int set, just in case, and have managed to successfully heal some ZF/ST/Mara/Uld.  I haven’t tried healing BRD, as I feel it would be a detriment to the group as prot.  The early parts I’d be fine, but the deeper we got, the more taxing it would be, and I won’t be respeccing anytime soon.


Currently I am doing the leveling push.  I am using the funds from Snos to push my Blacksmithing to 300, and prepping for the 300-375 push.  I am still trying to keep my butt in instances while I level, and playing with each new skill I gain, as I level, so I can know this class through and through.  I am on Outland’s doorstep, and will be entering the Dark Portal this weekend (Hooray!).


As WotLK starts, I will be able to freely choose how I intend to level.  It seems that the expansion offers a lot more ret viability, so the world is my burrito at that point, but I will definitely continue to level Prot.  The reasons being that I will be able to likely attend any instance, since I will have a Tank, and a Healer (also can DPS).  At 80, I want to have a Tank.  I want to be a viable choice for my guild if we are in a raiding pinch.  I will gear her up for Tanking, and for Healing, and use her in whatever capacity the guild needs, because that is honestly what is the most fun for me in the end.



What else?

My overall personal goals with this blog will to be a good informative (and hopefully fun too) place to pick up various chunks of information.  I will be writing raiding guides as Incursion raids, I will be writing class specific pieces, and I will be putting a major focus on our guild’s progress, and my thoughts pertaining to the various challenges and obstacles we encounter.

I really hope that it will be a good forum to gather feedback from as well.  I certainly don’t know everything, and will likely call on our dear readers for advise, and points-of-view to help me maintain perspective.

As to my personal introduction I will leave that to a Bio thingy I can hopefully add to the side or something like that.

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Introduction of Arthas Quest (and myself)

by Snostrebla

So what the heck will this be about, and who the heck am I?

This is the part of the post where I introduce who I am, and why I am here. 

This is a new blog.  A blog filled with wonders, and a blog filled with hope, and a blog filled with all sorts of good stuff…   or at least, that is what I am going to believe.

What this blog is about

We are here to chronicle our guild’s progression.  Now why is this interesting to you?  Well, at first glance, it may not be, but I’m going to tell you why it interests me.  This will be a good place for us to not only share our thoughts on what it is like to lead a guild through an expansion pack,  and be competative on our server progression.  We will discuss our ideas on strategies, talents, journies through Northrend, and how they effect us, and our guild.

In and of itself isn’t entirely a unique idea, but the guild itself is what brings that aspect to the table.   Our guild is Incursion on Crushridge server US.  What we bring differently, we feel, is our unique structure.  Everyone has a “Casual” guild, and all these “Casual” guilds love to raid, and I often wonder how often a widely-considered “Hardcore” guild refers to itself as.. 

So all that in mind, we feel we are unique among all guilds.  Our guild motto we lifted from a  Wowinsider article and it states:

You can raid as a casual guild, but you cannot raid casually

We really really took that to heart, and formed a “Casual Progression Guild.”

What “Casual Progression Guild” means to us

2ndnin has a wonderful post in regards to levels of casualness, and I agree that you can never really put a finger on where you will stand on any given day except for today.

What we view ourself casual in, is the way we treat our raiders.   We don’t ask them to ever feed the guild bank with mats or money (They usually do on their own).  We don’t ask them to run a cookie cutter spec.  We don’t ask that they change all there gems.  What we do ask is that everyone function at our level of progression.  If you can do it with some pvp talents.. great.  If you wear some pvp gear, fine.   Forgot to get food buffs this time, whatever.

An absolute must for us, that I believe sets us apart from all (I think “all”) other end-game raiding guilds in our current progression level (T6), is that we will not ever institute DKP.

We, as Guild Masters, do understand the idea behind DKP, but we have found that we don’t need it.  What’s more.. we have incredible retention rates, and good Raiders.  We started raiding in June of 08, and will be raiding up until the XPac. Since we started raiding, we have gone through Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, SSC, TK, and are working on MH and BT, and we’ve done it all without DKP.

More about DKP in another post.

We owe every last ounce of success to our guildies, and their selfless efforts to improve their play, and keep this guild kickin’!

Who are “We”

Since this is already Wall of Texty, I will link an intro post.

This is who we are.



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