Introduction of Arthas Quest (and myself)

by Snostrebla

So what the heck will this be about, and who the heck am I?

This is the part of the post where I introduce who I am, and why I am here. 

This is a new blog.  A blog filled with wonders, and a blog filled with hope, and a blog filled with all sorts of good stuff…   or at least, that is what I am going to believe.

What this blog is about

We are here to chronicle our guild’s progression.  Now why is this interesting to you?  Well, at first glance, it may not be, but I’m going to tell you why it interests me.  This will be a good place for us to not only share our thoughts on what it is like to lead a guild through an expansion pack,  and be competative on our server progression.  We will discuss our ideas on strategies, talents, journies through Northrend, and how they effect us, and our guild.

In and of itself isn’t entirely a unique idea, but the guild itself is what brings that aspect to the table.   Our guild is Incursion on Crushridge server US.  What we bring differently, we feel, is our unique structure.  Everyone has a “Casual” guild, and all these “Casual” guilds love to raid, and I often wonder how often a widely-considered “Hardcore” guild refers to itself as.. 

So all that in mind, we feel we are unique among all guilds.  Our guild motto we lifted from a  Wowinsider article and it states:

You can raid as a casual guild, but you cannot raid casually

We really really took that to heart, and formed a “Casual Progression Guild.”

What “Casual Progression Guild” means to us

2ndnin has a wonderful post in regards to levels of casualness, and I agree that you can never really put a finger on where you will stand on any given day except for today.

What we view ourself casual in, is the way we treat our raiders.   We don’t ask them to ever feed the guild bank with mats or money (They usually do on their own).  We don’t ask them to run a cookie cutter spec.  We don’t ask that they change all there gems.  What we do ask is that everyone function at our level of progression.  If you can do it with some pvp talents.. great.  If you wear some pvp gear, fine.   Forgot to get food buffs this time, whatever.

An absolute must for us, that I believe sets us apart from all (I think “all”) other end-game raiding guilds in our current progression level (T6), is that we will not ever institute DKP.

We, as Guild Masters, do understand the idea behind DKP, but we have found that we don’t need it.  What’s more.. we have incredible retention rates, and good Raiders.  We started raiding in June of 08, and will be raiding up until the XPac. Since we started raiding, we have gone through Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair, SSC, TK, and are working on MH and BT, and we’ve done it all without DKP.

More about DKP in another post.

We owe every last ounce of success to our guildies, and their selfless efforts to improve their play, and keep this guild kickin’!

Who are “We”

Since this is already Wall of Texty, I will link an intro post.

This is who we are.



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